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Why Elegant Business Cards Will your network

With the world becoming ever so digital you might be thinking whether you even need a business card. Well to answer that it really depends on what industry you’re in. If you’re not really mixing with alot of people then no, you don’t really need a business card. But if you interact with alot of people on a daily basis then it could be easier and quicker to just hand potential clients or customers with business cards. Also, take into account how much business cards can be passed around. They might hand it to someone who doesn’t need your details but they’d know someone who does. Business card design manchester.

People tend to forget names, faces or to even store your number as mistakes can be made. But elegant business cards they’ll remember and can pass onto a friend after they’re done. In this article we will tell you why less is more and a simple business card design is exactly what you need when it comes to your business card. In order to pick the best looking one you may need a few options to choose from. Any decent professional graphic designers near me would provide you with a few concepts. So make sure you choose a business card designer who could do this for you.

Free business card design templates

There may see a number of websites providing you with free business card templates and how can you turn it down if it’s free? Well firstly those designs have been downloaded by thousands of other people, they are not unique and how awkward would it be if you bump into someone and they have the exact same card as you and you both know it’s free. We are not just saying this because we are a graphic design agency and we would want to be your business card design agency.

Give your business card design company your brand colour codes

The first thing your business card designer should ask for is if you currently have a business? If so, do you have a brand identity? Can you provide us with your colour codes? Then you previously used another graphic design agency manchester other than NoBound Design then you should ask them and they will provide you with the information. Or you may have a brand sheet which has all the fonts and colours your brand uses that you can pass onto us. If not we can get the colour codes pretty easily but finding the font if we don’t have the master files can get difficult and time consuming. When you hire NoBound Design as your business card design company then we will provide you with the master files which contain all this information. 

Choosing the perfect font for your elegant business card

There is a reason Patrick Boseman was obsessed with the font of his business card. Because the wrong font could make or break your business card. Much like the colours, the font is an essential part of your brand identity. Along with colours your business card designer would go through a number of fonts for you and pick the best few and then let you decide the best one that goes with it. 

Choosing the best material – Business Card

You’d be surprised with the amount of options there are these days when it comes to the type of paper you want to print on. The main difference is the feel of the card. Now the more you invest in the material the better the feel and quality of the card. The better the feel of the card the better impression you leave on whoever it is you’re passing it onto. Even if you have a simple business card design, if you have a high quality card that it’s printed on then that would make a greater impression than having your card full of information and graphics.

When it comes to choosing the material and which words you want embossed would be something you talk to the printing company about. NoBound Design doesn’t offer these services but can definitely work with whatever format the printers use. 

The small details – Business card design manchester

 A business card is a very small and minor aspect of the business in the grand scheme of things. But that is exactly why it’s important to make sure you do it correctly. It’s all about the small details. If you make an effort with something as small as your business card it gives off the impression that you’re in control of all aspects of your business and are on top of everything from the important stuff to the very small stuff like business cards. Whenever you look for graphic designers near me you might find that they try to brush over the small details but these are the areas you need to identify and point out. If you choose to go with NoBound Design you won’t have this issue as we focus on all the details. 

In conclusion, only a business card design company can truly understand your graphic design needs and our professional graphic designers are available at your service to cater to your creative needs. So contact us now and let us create elegant business cards that can represent your business and most importantly, YOU. Business card design manchester.

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